Ending a Tenancy Agreement Wa

If you are a tenant in Western Australia, you may be wondering how to end your tenancy agreement. There are certain steps you need to take to ensure you follow the correct procedure and avoid any legal issues. Here`s a guide on how to end a tenancy agreement in WA:

1. Review your tenancy agreement

The first step is to review your tenancy agreement to determine the notice period required before you can end the tenancy. Most agreements require a minimum of 21 days` notice, but some agreements may require longer.

2. Provide written notice to the landlord

Once you know the notice period required, you need to provide written notice to your landlord. The notice should include your intention to end the tenancy, the date you plan to vacate the property, and your contact information for the landlord to reach you. The notice should be provided in writing and sent by registered mail or email.

3. Conduct a final inspection

Before you vacate the property, you need to conduct a final inspection with the landlord to ensure that everything is in order. The inspection should be conducted in the presence of the landlord, and any issues should be noted and addressed before vacating the property.

4. Return the keys

Once you have completed the final inspection and all issues have been resolved, you should return the keys to the property to your landlord. This officially ends the tenancy agreement.

5. Collect your bond

If you paid a bond at the start of the tenancy agreement, you should receive a full refund of the bond after you have vacated the property, returned the keys, and completed the final inspection.

Ending a tenancy agreement in WA can be straightforward if you follow the correct procedures and give notice in writing. Make sure to review your tenancy agreement and provide the required notice before vacating the property. Conduct a final inspection with the landlord to address any issues, return the keys, and collect your bond for a smooth and hassle-free end to your tenancy.

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